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Why women come to me for help & choose me as their life coach &


Women who are either going through a Break-Up, Divorce or just need support with building up their confidence level and self-esteem come to me because I have a proven track record in helping them get through the process and building them up, as well as I have used my own strategies I’ve created 8 yrs ago that helped picked me up from a devastating divorce after 25 years of marriage!

# 1.  Supporting them through the process is necessary and needed,
this allows the woman to know she is not alone.
#2.   I deliver empowerment and help you to de-stress while
encouraging you that YOU got this!
#3.   I will show you how to manage your emotions as you go through
the day to day stuff and after.  This means that when you are by yourself
and you start reflecting back on all that you’ve done in your relationships
and how you’ve given so much of yourself, I will be there
to help get you through that process.
#4.   I will take you from being mad, resentful, angry, worrying,
and bring you into balance with CONFIDENCE, UPBEAT ATTITUDE,
  • We will talk about you and what you are trying to do for yourself.

  • We will go over some of the main things like. 

  1. Building Confidence -  A guide to confronting your inner critic and controlling your relationship with yourself and your thoughts.

  2. Building Self Esteem – A guide to knowing yourself, caring for yourself, respecting yourself, loving yourself and moving on with life.                             

  • We will have homework that I will provide for you, but it will be fun.


We will discuss what you want your future to look like and create a plan for that.

Now for the “what is in it for me



  • You will walk away with – Understanding your Self-Confidence

  • You will be able to begin your journey to Self Confidence and Self-Esteem

  • You will be able to see the FOG rising and start GLOWING again

  • You will be able to Transform your mind with your thoughts

  • You will be able to see Your Confident Future

  • You will Learn to unleash the POWER of your voice! 

  • Reshaping Your Relationship with You!


You will walk away feeling REFRESHED!



  • You will learn how to LET IT GO!

  • De-Clutter your mind, life, and area

  • See yourself as the empowered woman you really are

  • Letting go of child-hood narratives that is still holding you back

  • Letting GO of STRESS and WORRIES

  • Dignity

  • Happiness

  • Joy

  • Peace

  • Better understanding of who you are and where you really want to go next, we will develop a road map just for your goals

  • How to get ready for your next….date, relationship, marriage, or just you

Get 1-1 coaching with Coach Delia it's simple, just do the following:

Simply Choose the Program that is best for you.

  1. Schedule a day and time that works best for you.

  2. Be Ready to receive an awesome life changing coaching with Coach Delia B.

You’re all set, so let's get some Girl Chat In!

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